How We’re Different

What sets us apart from the other three dozen outsourced IT / managed service providers in our immediate metropolitan area is our approach.  In a day and age when most everyone is touting automation, we have come to believe, through experience, there is no substitute for human interaction – both with the systems we support, and the people who use those systems.

We are firm believers in a hands-on approach to IT support.  Yes, we have all those fancy, newfangled, remote tools that allow us to monitor and connect to your PC via remote.  And yes, with your permission we can “Pop!” right into your PC and fix whatever is broken.  But we have yet to find a piece of remote management software that can take the place of a pair of eyes and hands.

In ten seconds of touching a keyboard and mouse pair, we can know that something isn’t quite right with a PC – that your PC is under-performing for whatever reason.  This intuition sets us on a mission to rectify the problem – to heal what is broken, and breathe new life into your PC.  It has been our experience that more times than not, the something that our intuition detected goes completely unnoticed by automated, management software.  So you suffer, unnecessarily.


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